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Why you should choose us to train your workforce

Our training is specifically designed around equipping businesses to easily provide workplace training to their employees through our simple digital platform

Credible • Accessible • Affordable

Our training is designed to help upskill your employees quickly and efficiently whilst not compromising on assessing their competencies throughout. The simple video and question format, and the easy stepping through each part of the course material, makes it appropriate for both young and older employees.

The digital format means that your employees can complete the training from anywhere. Additionally with the training being provided through our online platform, you as a business can easily monitor the progress and qualification of your entire workforce from one location.

Our simple on-boarding process means less hassle for you to get your staff started, as all the required resources and communications are automatically generated for your convenience.

Finally, our on-going updates and automatic notifications ensure your workforce remains competent in their training, even if content or standards subsequently change.

Benefits to Businesses

The perfect platform to manage and maintain training for your workforce

Accessible Training

Our simple training format ensures ease of access and understanding for all employees, while still assessing competencies.

Dashboard Reporting

Get simple reporting on how your staff are progressing through your business’s mandated training with our intuitive business dashboard.

Simple On-boarding

Easily get your staff training with our simple two step, coupon code driven registration and printable resources for the workplace.

Industry Recognition

Completion of a specific course by all enrolled employees acquires your business its own industry recognition certificate and badge.

Automatic Updates

Ensure your workforce stays up to date. All employee subscriptions automatically receive relevant content updates and alerts for any of their enrolled courses.

Enterprise Solutions

Our support teams can assist in developing appropriate on-boarding, management and rollout for your enterprise requirements.
  • They have designed a program that gives a concise training of the key topics related to the COVID virus and important practices to ensure safety on & off a work site. The program is interactive and easy to complete, as well as to administer from the back-end. Chandon was able to launch, track & certify all our employees within 48 hours.

    Boris Markovic

    HR Business Partner, Domaine Chandon Australia

  • The inclusion of this training is a terrific addition to the suite of services already available through our Geelong Business Support package which has already proven popular with our local business community. This training will help give community members confidence and peace of mind that the local businesses they interact with are operating in a COVID-safe manner.

    Stephanie Asher

    Mayor, Geelong City Council

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How quickly can I get access to a training program?

    Once the quotation is accepted, your staff can be training within 24 hours. We will provide you with a unique code that employees use in a simple 2-step registration process and also a roll out communications kit which can be used to assist with on-boarding and adoption.

  • We want to use our existing LMS - what are our options?

    Our system is designed to work perfectly on our custom built LMS platform and using your own LMS may compromise some of the functionality of the program.

    We understand some clients may want to use their own LMS but we do not recommend this. Custom solutions should be referred to our enterprise team for exploration and are subject to volume and feasibility.

  • What happens at the end of a course?

    Upon completion of a course, those who have undertaken the training will receive a certificate of completion. The business dashboard is updated accordingly.

    It is highly recommended that for the Occupational COVID-19 Workplace Training Scheme you also purchase the professionally printed Training Scheme Badge and Lanyard Pack. The badge’s embedded QR code can be viewed using a mobile camera to ensure the candidate has completed the most up-to-date version of the course.

    Finally as a business you will also be eligible for a certificate showing that your employees are considered qualified under the training requirements of a course.

  • How are people assessed?

    The training platform teaches participants best practice through a series of instructional videos and animations with multiple choice questions displayed throughout the videos.

    The system ensures participants have understood and absorbed all information before continuing through its different stages.

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