Parish Engineering on becoming COVID-19 Workplace Certified

All Staff are Covid Smart & Safe

The impact of COVID-19 Coronavirus has been difficult for most businesses and workforces, including the management and staff at Parish Engineering.

Apprentice Billy Thompson, along with the entire team, have become COVID-19 Workplace Certified using the easy and informative online training program.

Now that they have completed the training scheme, including infection control training and prevention procedures, Owner & Managing Director Graeme Sinclair knows the whole team has the knowledge needed to get safely back to work.

They’ve also helped ensure their workplace continues to be COVID Safe by requiring all visitors to carry a certification lanyard, showing they too have completed all the training needed for their safety and the safety of all the workers.

  • Our staff are important to us and their families are important to us. All our staff have now gone through this training.

    It's so important from my point of view to ensure that all my staff do know all the facts, and all the necessary precautions they need to follow.

    Graeme Sinclair

    Owner, Parish Engineering