Phoenix Fitness and PT on preparing a COVID Safe personal training studio

Preparing a COVID Safe personal training studio

It’s a challenging time for the fitness industry in Australia.  After enduring Stage 3 lockdown, the team behind Phoenix Fitness & PT in Melbourne were looking for a credible way to demonstrate their commitment to COVID 19 best practice.

Customer confidence is key and each day Tom works hard to ensure his studio is cleaned and disinfected. He has adapted his offering and reduced class size to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.  Tom reached out to us to say thank  you, this program was instrumental in helping him build confidence with his customer base.  This case study was filmed prior to the requirement for face masks in Victoria.

  • Talking to my customers was great and talking to them about the course I had done.. They could see I had done something and I was serious. For other business I would tell them to definitely do this course. It's so beneficial and all the information is there and any new information that comes out, your going to get it as well.

    Tom Wade

    Phoenix Fitness & PT