Recording Attendance

Each workplace has different ways to record your attendance. For example, punch cards, attendance sheets, time locks, fingerprint scanning, software applications or electronic tracking devices. It’s important you familiarise yourself with your workplaces sign in and out methods.

In Emergencies

Signing in and out can also be a part of your workplaces emergency management procedures. For example, in the event of an emergency evacuation an accurate manifest is required to ensure everybody is accounted for.



Jerry didn’t sign in and out on time instead he just said hello to his line manager on the way into the building, has Jerry done the right thing?

No, failing to sign in increases work for payroll administrators who need to chase up exceptions and opens up a risk of human error that may result in accidental underpayment 

Jerry could also be placed at risk should an emergency require evacuation of the building or worksite and records do not list him as being on site.

Jerry should always ensure he signs in and out each shift.